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  • Is It The Time To Hire A Right Guard

    By Securabilityteam , 16 October 2017

    Most residential or corporate properties need security, however accurate security is crucial. When you are all set to hire a security guard corporate or residential, you will encounter a large number of options to choose from.  You can choose licensed or unlicensed, uniformed, and or experienced guard.  Most security companies in Calgary or Victoria will allow you to do that.

    Most people assume having a camera or alarm security system will prevent situations like break-ins or vandalism.  Which is needless to say, not sufficient enough.  Security equipment may allow you to know a situation has accrued but not prevent it.  The only way to prevent a situation is to have a licensed, uniformed, and experienced guard that is on the looked out for your property, even at the most venerable times.  A guard is your set of eyes, on the lookout from the time they arrive on location to the time they leave.

    HOW do you know if you need Security?

    Well, read through below to catch some of the signs…

    The Current Crime Status of your city:

    The criminal status in the city you are located in is the number one and most important clue.  When there is an increase in criminal activities, you know it’s time to get prepared, before you become a victim.  Calgary defiantly has had an increase in criminal activities in the last three years.  Calgary reported the largest increase in its CSI value in 2015 at 29 percent of any municipality across the country. Crime in the city had dropped for 11 consecutive years before jumping 29.4 per cent in 2015 and has been increasing since then.

    If you find your security is at risk whether being in a business or a residential owner, you must look into a well-established security company in Calgary. Securability Protection is one of the well-known and best Security company in Alberta and British Columbia.   Securibility Protection has the experienced licensed and uniformed guards that you are looking for. They are known for the quality and the punctuality of their service.

    Your Existing Security System Failed:

    If your current security system have failed to prevent your property from a break-in, it’s obvious you need a security guard on location.  Security doesn’t necessary have to be for your assets, it could be anything and anyone, from yourselves, to your loved ones, to your employees.

    You may need security for a short period of time only, for example when you move into a new home which could be secluded.  Just knowing there is someone out at the front door just for you and your loved ones, could mean a well-rested night.

    Security Concerns of Your Employees:

    Your employees are the main asset of the company and you need to make sure you keep them safe.  When your employees are on your property working for your company, the last thing you  want is for any of them to be injured or harmed.  Therefore, ensure you have taken the proper action before it’s too late.

    Now we understand it could be tough picking the correct security company as there are many to choose from.  You wanna make sure the company you are looking at has a reputation. You can confirm that by doing a Google Search.  Read other clients remarks regarding the company’s services and their culture of work. Make a list of all companies that seem like a good fit and then call them to narrow down the perfect company.