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  • Top 3 Common Myths About Security Guards

    By Securabilityteam , 23 September 2019

    It wouldn’t wrong saying that TV shows and movies have influenced the way we see the world and the security industry has played a major role in it. Many companies offering security services in Calgary and there are many misconceptions about security officers.

    After watching TV shows, you might feel that security jobs are risky. Or on the other side of the stereotype, you may consider security officers as unskilled and lazy. However, the reality is that security officers play a vital role in ensuring the safety of property and people. Here we will discuss three common myths about servicing in security companies.


    Myth #1: All Security Guards Are Men

    Gone are the days, when the security industry was male-dominated but today, you’ll be a wonder to know that there is a huge demand for female security staff. Female staff work from frontline operations to senior management.

    Being a woman if you work in the security industry you’ll avail plenty of advantages. Men and women both think differently, and that’s the plus point. Diversity on a team brings more creativity and approaches to look at the same problem in multiple ways. As an outcome, security officers are dynamically supporting women because they identify the correlation between diversity and overall business success.


    Myth #2: Security Guards Need To Look Like Bodybuilders

    After watching moving and TV shows, we all consider that security guard must look like bodybuilders. It is also perceived that for a good security officer you need to be 6 feet tall. Well, it’s a completely wrong misconception. The big and intimidating-looking guards might be suitable for club or parties, but in the corporate environment, it may not be the right choice.

    Myth #3: Security Work Is Risky

    Another misconception about security work is that it is very risky, but the fact is, the security guards are not just hired in areas where risk chances are higher. Security guards can be hired to protect a business, public spaces, property, shopping malls, colleges, office buildings, and constructional sites.


    Moreover, companies hire security guards for event security in Calgary. Security guards are trained to detect, deter, and report the threat. A guard who is not properly trained will only cause frustration on the spot and also end up in trouble.