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  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Hiring a Home Security Guard

    By Securabilityteam , 02 March 2020

    The major responsibility of a home security guard is to protect people against threats, violence, and burglars. As property owners, we need to hire security guards to look after property due to the high cost. Many security companies have got you covered in this matter. However, choosing reliable security guard companies Calgary is a big task for all of us. Hiring wrong people to protect your property might causes problems. If you hire security guards, it contains both pros and cons. Let’s have a look!securabilityprotection

    Advantages of Hiring Security Guards for Your Property

    1 – Security guards help to protect you against thieves and robbers.

    2 – Some people prefer using security equipment such as cameras and alarms for their home which are predictable. But hiring human personnel as a protector will make your property safer.

    3 – This makes difficult for robbers to predict their location. Sometimes security guards are mistaken to be policemen from a distance due to their uniform which is a plus point.

    4 – Highly trained and professional security guards can recognize the threat or potential hazards.

    5 – A potential security guard can handle several problems at a time while he is on duty.

    6 – They have the right to arrest that person who invades in possessions. Further, the arrested person will take to police custody.

    Disadvantages Of Hiring Security Guards For Your Property

    1 – The primary disadvantage of hiring a home security guard is the price. You have to pay the guard monthly basis or hire them from a reliable company.

    2 – Supervision can be stated as another disadvantage. Security guard companies have obligations with their potential clients.  These obligations are contractual and provide the required persons for the posts that are given.

    3 – The contract with the company will not be continued if it fails to supply the required services.

    4 – Sometimes the company’s demands for security guards are very high. Therefore, they hire people who are not qualified to perform a job as a guard.Security Guard

    This explains that the problem is not the same everywhere as it differs from company to company and state to state. The demand for professional security guards all around Canada is increasing day by day.

    Securability Protection is one of the leading security companies and we’re committed to delivering security services such as event security in Calgary and more. We have built our reputation over years of experience in the relevant industry. Visit to check out security services or make a call at 1 (800) 942 0876.