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  • Is woman Protection a concern?

    By Securabilityteam , 20 January 2017

    Woman Protection

    Being a woman has always been quite a tough and hard job regardless of the period in history or geographical location. Whether a woman lives in the most liberal and free of societies or in the strictest and restricting societies of the world, a woman is still subject to various kinds of dangers and threats in her day to day life. Regardless of the intensity and type of these threats and dangers a woman must be equipped with not only the right kind of training or equipment to defend and stand up for herself, but a woman must also have a strong and stable mindset in order to overcome all the hurdles and barriers that can possibly arise in her life. Women and children are two of the most marginalized groups in the world. In spite of the importance and contribution of women in all societies around the world, women are still the only gender that not only faces strong opposition from the opposite sex but is also constantly exploited and exposed to a variety of dangers and complications. Right from her childhood, a woman must understand that her life can never be the same as that of a man’s and that her freedoms and capabilities must face a certain boundary and restriction. In addition to all such problems and dangers that alter the complete structure of the society and make women an inherently dependent and exploited group, there are also other more immediate and very explicit concerns that women face. These concerns not only endanger their freedom but also their personal security as well. over time these problems and dangers have intensified and increased instead of lessening and today, the world in which we live, woman protection has become a concept that is not only complicated but also must face and tackle various dimensions as well.

    Dangers that women face

    With increasing globalization and the widespread communication systems, every person in the world is exposed in one or another way. It is not hard anymore to track someone down and not even difficult to obtain any kind of information about a person. Despite all the positive effects of tools such as the internet, women as always, have been subject and exposed to certain risks and dangers which are stated below;

    · Harassment is one of the most common dangers that women may face. The overarching concept of harassment includes dimensions like workplace harassment, emotional and physical harassment, and the idea of invading someone’s personal space as well. For various reasons, people may decide to target women and pester them with their persistent and constant invasion of their personal space to the extent that living life normally becomes hard for a woman. The number of restraining orders issued in the United States alone over the past ten years is alarming to say the least.

    With photos and personal information about any person being available online, almost anyone can obtain a woman’s pictures and information about her day to day activities exposing her to things like cyberbullying and even real bullying. Many women are also blackmailed using their photos in particular and it has a very negative effect on their lives.

    Over the past few decades street crimes have also increased with a great intensity. Most of the times women are victims of these crimes. For example, a man walking alone at midnight on an empty pavement may not be a cause for alarm but a woman doing the same would definitely be alarming. Being alone and that too at such a time exposes a woman to various kinds of heinous crimes such as theft and other serious crimes as well.

    How to ensure woman protection.

    Woman protection is a concept that is misunderstood sometimes. It implies not just women protecting themselves, but it also means that each person in the society and in the world has to play their part for women protection regardless of age and gender. To ensure woman protection, as mentioned earlier, there needs to be a change in the mindset. Our societies must be altered to create an environment that ensures and sustains woman protection. However there is a large part we can play as a proactive strategy. Teaching women self-defense and helping them get familiar with other self-defense equipment such as pepper sprays can really make a difference. In addition to physical training, women must also be helped in seeking the right kind of help at the right time. Which implies seeking the help of trained professionals before anything serious takes place to be at the safe end.